my photo showing in the Last Brucennial: “She works from home in the mornings”

A glossy foam-board-mounted 16 x 20″ print of this photograph of mine

called “She works from home in the mornings.”

will be shown in The Last Brucennial,



Thursday March 6th, 2014, 6-10pm

at 837 Washington St.

New York, NY 10014

and on view thereafter

through Friday April 4th, 2014.



Virtual wall text background brainstorm for  “She works from home in the mornings” 

(but is neither unsalaried, a mother, a part-time worker, nor a recreational blogger… So there!)

• This just in: contrary to stereotype, full-time American workers who telecommute are NOT more likely to be women, parents, or millenials.

However, the following facts remain:

The majority of minimum-wage workers in the US are women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

American women are more likely than American men to work part-time.


So, in homage to these women who work part-time for minimum wage across the USA,

pursuing whatever American or un-American dream they please

(including, but not necessarily, motherhood)

I’ve priced my print at:

$7.25 (federal minimum wage) x 30 hours a week–typical maximum to qualify as “part-time employee”/disqualify for benefits…

= $217.50


Who will part with a week’s worth of part-time-work minimum wages

in exchange for my mounted 16 x 20” print of “She works from home in the mornings”?

Stay tuned for further discussions on the monetary value of art…