I enjoy working as a Production Designer/Art Director/Costume Designer on innovative and status-quo-challenging independent narrative films.

recent visual work on other people’s films:

Variations On Us (dir. Chris Carlone) –short surreal romantic experimental black and white super 8

•Maja + Theo + Others (dir. Filip Kasparaszek) — short surreal romantic drama (feature version forthcoming)

Hey Yun (dir. Hye Yun Park) — webseries — season 2

The Loyalist (dir. Minji Kang) — short drama (feature version forthcoming)

The Ex Factor (dir. Barak Barkan) –short comedy



I make tiny paintings sometimes, often of dreamscapes, like this one:

the floating tent, 2012 watercolor, pastel & pencil 3 x 5 inches

the floating tent, 2012
watercolor, oil pastel & pencil
4 x 6 inches


and photographs of parts of the world I think need to be looked at more carefully, sometimes in video-still format, like this one:

back to work, 2012

back to work, 2012


I also like to make portraits and headshots–see my online portfolio at or email me for more/rates/availability.

Jonathan Wood Vincent headshot