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published: *#%€! or Dust! (for the wives of Ely), a lyric essay on the word “fuck”

Online link and pdf file of my recently published lyric essay on learning to say “fuck”, and then some.

dirge for #Ferguson: a song of condolence from a white ally

I have never feared death by police gunning, and I probably never will. Black men have good reason to, as the Ferguson case has made abundantly clear. This–being targeted, repeatedly and sometimes lethally–by the police, by the very laws that are built to protect Americans’ lives–is a whole new level of human rights violations, and it’s sadly not new at all.

Please Vote for Best Webseries: Orange Juice In Bishop’s Garden

Please Vote for Best Webseries: Orange Juice In Bishop’s Garden still from Episode 5.9 “Fairytale in the Supermarket” Admit it, you enjoyed seeing me play the intensely elusive lost-boy-tamer and good-girl-seducer “Chloe” on… Continue reading

poem and sketch: Anthropomorphism/The morning purring kneading rituals of two mostly affectionate cats.

The morning purring kneading and mutual bathing rituals of two mostly affectionate cats., a photo by Nor Art Germs on Flickr. My first virtual sketch–which will probably also be my last. I imagine… Continue reading