Please Vote for Best Webseries: Orange Juice In Bishop’s Garden

Please Vote for Best Webseries: Orange Juice In Bishop’s Garden


still from Episode 5.9 “Fairytale in the Supermarket”

Admit it, you enjoyed seeing me play the intensely elusive lost-boy-tamer and good-girl-seducer “Chloe” on the teen webseries Orange Juice in Bishops Garden. You watched me (ahem: “Chloe”) wrap gullible “Adrian” (Nicko Libowitz) around my little finger, then go off and lure sweet “Sarah” (Ellen Winter) into my fantasy world (and bed…) Time to confess secretly, now, by ticking the little OJBG box in the link (in red) above. (This works too:

Another reason to vote for OJBG: while I was working on it, my job (thank you Director Otessa Ghadar!) largely consisted in improvising in made-up languages, donning Frida Kahlo-style unibrows, kissing beautiful people, and playing with this kind of hilarious imagery (see above still from Ep 5.9), which will be passed down, internet-willing, to generations of queer-curious young ladies to come.