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dirge for #Ferguson: a song of condolence from a white ally

I have never feared death by police gunning, and I probably never will. Black men have good reason to, as the Ferguson case has made abundantly clear. This–being targeted, repeatedly and sometimes lethally–by the police, by the very laws that are built to protect Americans’ lives–is a whole new level of human rights violations, and it’s sadly not new at all.

microstory: Music for Difficult Tasks

Happy Orthodox Easter Sunday everyone! This is what I listen to while cleaning my apartment. My father once told me, when I was very small and frustrated with the time it took me… Continue reading

Listen: my old Stormy Laughter song “Mama” (Kovacstown Paris studio version, 2007)

Jillian Rose performance installation at Brooklyn Wayfarers Gallery, Feb 22-March 17, 2013

Jillian Rose, whose paintings and drawings floored me the first time I saw them at Brooklyn Wayfarers Gallery a few years ago, asked me to help her direct the performance component of her… Continue reading