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1 min video preview: “The Loyalist” by Minji Kang: short film I co-wrote, production designed, and costume-designed

“A North Korean general visits his talented daughter at a prestigious Swiss school to test her loyalty towards her motherland. An outstanding singer, with a promising future, she dreams of studying in America.… Continue reading

published: *#%€! or Dust! (for the wives of Ely), a lyric essay on the word “fuck”

Online link and pdf file of my recently published lyric essay on learning to say “fuck”, and then some.

poem: Incantation For a Woman Considering Abortion

Incantation For a Woman Considering Abortion by Storm Garner   Rob I not a… or to ban, I… onto a rib, onto bra I– too brain… ban I root?   No, art bio;… Continue reading

opinion: “Crazy” is Not a Synonym for “Awesome”– notes on semantics from a Mental Illness Survivor

You wouldn’t know it if you just walked by it today, but this building houses the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. Back when I “did time” there almost a decade ago, anonymity was not… Continue reading

sketchbook: film festival notify-by date…

sketchbook: film festival notify-by date…, a photo by Nor Art Germs on Flickr. Waiting for acceptance/rejection email from a film festival… I don’t want to jinx myself so I’m not saying what film… Continue reading

poem and sketch: Anthropomorphism/The morning purring kneading rituals of two mostly affectionate cats.

The morning purring kneading and mutual bathing rituals of two mostly affectionate cats., a photo by Nor Art Germs on Flickr. My first virtual sketch–which will probably also be my last. I imagine… Continue reading