Bountiful Borrego! (9 min) to première at Athens International Film Festival in Athens, OH April 12-18, 2013

poster design by Ranjan Katonah Das©GarnerSisProd, Inc 2013

poster design by Ranjan Katonah Das
©GarnerSisProd, Inc 2013

Bountiful Borrego! (9 min)

a $0 budget film of so many firsts:

1) first time EVER using our then-new Panasonic TM-700–best yet Christmas gift from Dada
1′) first real Garner Sisters filmmaking duet–the whole film was just made by the two of us!
1”) first film relying heavily on improvisation & self-caricature–which has since become a signature Garner Sis mode of film performance
1”’) first submission to a festival (Athens, OH 2013)–they called for  “artistic innovation” and “personal involvement with the medium”–shared values!
1′”‘) first acceptance to a festival! (idem–for which, Athens, you will become our personal filmmaking good omen for ever after. Thank you!)
1″”‘) first real poster! designed by Ranjan Katonah Das, my BFF from high school who has helped with several other Garner Sis Productions.